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WikiTravel Aceh.

WikiTravel City of Banda Aceh.

Indonesia Tourism Aceh.

Indonesia Tourism Aceh map.

Tourism Indonesia Aceh Tourism Agents being trained in Bali. (2008)




Wikipedia Zaini Abdullah Governor of Aceh from 2012 to 2017.

Wikipedia Irwandi Yusuf Governor of Aceh from 2007 to 2012.

Wikipedia Acehnese gubernatorial election, 2012.

Wikipedia Aceh Party (The separatist group enters the political mainstream.)




You Tube Aceh.




Wikipedia: Aceh Free encyclopedia information about Aceh.

The Aceh Times The Achenese digital media frontline.

Aceh Globe News.

Atjeh News

Wikipedia: Free Aceh Movement

Global Free Aceh Movement.

BBC News Aceh rebels sign peace agreement. (2005)

MSNBC Indonesia starts final phase of Aceh pullout. (2005)

New York Times In religious Aceh, Islamic law is taking hold. (2006)

Indonesia Matters Aceh Public Canings. (2006)

Relief Web Floods in North, East and Central Aceh & North Sumatra: UNORC Field Situation. (2007)

University of Sydney: Max Lane Indonesia Southeast Asia and International Affairs Aceh: New forms of foreign domination developing. (2007)

Indonesia Matters Communism in Aceh. (2007)

New York Times In Indonesia's Aceh, a former rebel takes the reins. (2007))

The Guardian Aceh villagers face homelessness again - in name of tsunami aid from US government. (2008)

The China Post Thousands welcome exiled rebel in Aceh. (2008)

IRIN Asia Consolidating a fragile peace in Aceh. (2008)

The Jakarta Post Aceh to drop Koran skills requirement for candidates. (2009)

ETAN Indonesian Military Behind Aceh Violence: Australian Expert. (2009)

BBC News Aceh tense as elections near. (2009)

The Jakarta Post Aceh Party claims victory. (2009)

Fridae Indonesia's Aceh province to allow 100 lashings and jail for gays. (2009)

The Jakarta Post Aceh govt refuses to sign stoning bylaw. (2009)

Fridae Aceh government rejects Shariah bylaw. (2009)

New York Times Former Rebels Turned Forest Rangers in Aceh. (2010)

Anthrologist The Aceh Governor’s Election Heats Up. (2011)

Jihad Watch In Aceh, Sheena is not a punk rocker. (2011)

Reuters Women's marriage baffles Islamic police in Indonesia's Aceh. (2011)

Jakarta Post Aceh governor defends punk arrests. (2011)

Jakarta Post Will the upcoming election deliver peace in Aceh? (2012)

International Crisis Group Indonesia: Averting Election Violence in Aceh. (2012)

Reuters Orangutans in Indonesia's Aceh forest may die out in weeks. (2012)

Redd Aceh court rejects court case against forest clearing in Tripa peatswamp. (2012)

Voice of America Indonesia’s Aceh Province Votes for Governor. (2012)

Lithics The oddity of the Banda Aceh earthquake. (2012)

The Aceh Globe New Party Takes Up Fight in Aceh. (2012)

End of the Icons Aceh Pulls Plug on Kallista Plantation. (2012)

Jakarta Post Home minister defends closure of Aceh churches. (2012)

Jakarta Post Aceh on the mend. (2012)

Wikipedia 2013 Aceh Earthquake. (2013)

Monga Bay Indonesian governor proposes opening protected areas to logging. (2013)

Jakarta Post Protests for, against GAM flag in Aceh. (2013)

Monga Bay Mining company working with Indonesian govt to strip forest of protected status. (2013)

Jakarta Post Aceh’s flag: A human rights approach. (2013)

Monga Bay In precedent-setting case, palm oil company fined $30M for destroying orangutan forest. (2014)

Monga Bay Indonesia police nab illegal wildlife traffickers in sting operation. (2014)

Science Daily Tiger middlemen arrested in Aceh, Indonesia. (2014)

Jakarta Globe 2013 a 'Bleak" Year for Aceh's Ailing Judicial System. (2014)

Jakarta Globe Aceh Reports Fewer Abuse Cases by Islamic Police in 2013. (2014)

Jakarta Post Aceh mulls sharia for non-Muslims. (2014)

Jakarta Post Aceh fully enforces sharia. (2014)

Jihad Watch Indonesia: Aceh government approves new law saying every citizen, Muslim and non-Muslim, must obey Sharia. (2014)

New Matilda Aceh Separatists Roll Out Sharia Law. (2014) Bali, Aceh Prone to Conflicts during Election. (2014)



Ethnologue Aceh Language.

Lestari Architecture Heritage Network Aceh Heritage.

The World Body Percussion Music From Aceh. (2011)




Global Asian Tsunami / Tiger Waves.

Global Asian Tsunami Imagery.

Forum Bangun Aceh Empowering inhabitants of Aceh to rebuild their lives and communities.

BBC News Aceh damage 'catastrophic'. (2004)

Christian Science Monitor Aceh's Next Generation. (2005)

Physorg News The Science behind the Aceh Earthquake. (2005)

Christian Science Monitor Peace and Reconstruction in Aceh. (2006)

Terra Daily Empty Homes Signal New Aceh Tsunami Hurdle. (2007)

FAO Newsroom Queen Sofia of Spain visits post-tsunami fisheries rehabilitation project. (2007)

Reuters Indonesia lifts tsunami warning after Sumatra quake. (2012)

Wikipedia 2012 Indian Ocean earthquakes. (2012)

BBC News Indian Ocean tsunami alert lifted after Aceh quake. (2012) Panic but no tsunami from strong Indonesia quakes. (2012)

Christian Science Monitor On the ground in Aceh, the best tsunami warning system is memory. (2012)

Dawn Banda Aceh Tsunami scare. (2012)

The Guardian Banda Aceh: where community spirit has gone but peace has lasted. (2014)

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