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The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire The Altaics.

Wikipedia Free encyclopedia information about the Altai Republic.

Turanian Lands. Turanian People Altai.

UNESCO World Heritage site Golden Mountains of Altai.

World Wildlife Fund Altai-Sayan news archive.

UPI Russian Altai Republic hit by fires. (2008)

Russia Beyond the Headlines A magical Siberian Switzerland that is waiting to be discovered. (2009)

Radio Free Europe Governor Of Russia's Altai Republic Approved For Second Term. (2010)

Radio Free Europe The Road To Job Security. (2010)

Care2 The Fight Against Poaching in the Altai Republic. (2010)

Russian Beyond the Headlines Altai: a living spirit. (2010)

Care2 WWF Supports the Development of the Altai Nature Reserve in Harmony With Local Residents. (2010)

Radio Free Europe Trial Begins Of Russian Officials Accused Of Hunting Rare Sheep. (2011)

Encyclopedia of Safety Three earthquakes per day occurred in the Altai Republic. (2013)

Russia-IC An Artificial Lake Opened in the Republic of Altai. (2013)



World 66 Travel Guide Altai.

WikiTravel Altai Republic.

Show Caves of the World Altai Republic.

Biosphere Expeditions Two week snow leopard expeditions.

Go To Altai Tours. Company based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Russia Adventures Tour Company 12 day Altai Expedition. (Based in Belfast, UK, and Moscow)

Travel Blog Karakolsky Lakes - the Cloud Factory of Altai Republic.

The Guardian In the Altai, the natural world is a shrine, not a field for recreation. (2010)

NPR Russia Wants To Create A Siberian Las Vegas. (2011)

Voice of America 'Russia’s Tibet’ Opens to Jet-Age Tourism. (2012)

Citi Bank Russia: Citi and WWF Help Develop Eco-Tourism in the Altai Republic. (2012)

English-Russia Pictures: Travelling throughout Altai. (2012)



The Altai Project Protecting Altai natural and cultural heritage.

Sacred Natural Sites Sacred Valley, Conservation Management and Indigenour Survival, Altai Republic, Russia.

Ethnologue Southern Altai Language.

Altai breed of horse

Archaeological Institute of America Siberian Mummy Flap. (1996)

Archeo News Altai Republic demands the return of 'Princess of Ukok'. (2005)

Russia IC Ancient Monuments of Scythian Epoch Found in Altai. (2010)

The Daily Mail Online The astonishing 2,500 year old tattoos of a Siberian princess. (2012)

Free Republic Siberian Princess reveals her 2,500 year old tattoos. (2012)

Mideill Reports Genetic link between Native Americans and Asians strengthened. (2012)

International Cry Magazine Government of Altai Republic Passes Law to Protect Sacred Sites. (2012)

UPI Fossil animal horn unearthed in Siberia. (2013)

Mapstor Altai Republic makes a map of sacred places. (2013)




Altai Mir Virtual University Supporting the unique indigenous culture of peace of the Altai Republic of Russia. Based in Washington State, USA, and Moscow.




Gazprom Trip to the Altai Republic. (2011)

Gazprom Nation-wide significance of Gazprom’s efforts in Altai Republic. (2011)




English Russia Photos by Russian photographer, Sergey Ivanovich Borisov, during his expedition across mountain areas of Altai (1907-1914).

You Tube Altai Republic.

WWF Assessment of conservation effectiveness of the protected areas system of Altai Republic.

University of Cambridge Altai Republic pictures.

Russia Spaceweb Baikonur downrange (including Altai).

Space Daily Researchers find meteorite fragments In Altai. (2007)

Eclipse-City Solar eclipse on August 1 in the Altai Republic. (2008)

Space Daily Siberian Shepherd Sues Roscosmos Over Rocket Debris. (2009)

The Moscow Times Gravel Miners Unearth Mammoth Tusk in Altai Republic. (2012)

WWF 400 thousands of new conifers planted in Republic of Altai in autumn 2012! (2012)




President of Russia Alexander Berdnikov has been appointed Acting Head of the Altai Republic. (2014)

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