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Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) Multi-ethnic youth work, and reconciliation in Brcko

International Criminal Tribunal Brcko high schoolers look to the future. (2013)




You Tube Brcko.




Wikipedia Brcko District.

Stabilization Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina Online Official launching of Brcko District, March 8, 2000.

Firefly International Playing for their lives. (2002)

OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mission welcomes measures to legalise Roma settlement in Brcko. (2003)

The Economist Bosnia's only true multi-ethnic place sets an example for the country. (2007)

The Guardian There is another way: The legal and political framework of a district in Bosnia and Herzegovina could provide the basis for an alternative to Kosovan independence. (2008)

Los Angeles Times 5,000 mourn in Bosnia. (2008)

Reuters Money soothes tensions in Bosnian city before vote. (2008)

Trans Conflict Dodik’s next move – squeezing Brcko dry. (2011)

Bosnia Genocide Brcko Massacre: Serb “Adolf Hitler” on Trial for Bosnian Genocide. (2011)

Transconflict The Brcko District model for north Kosovo? (2011)

Peace Fare Brcko needs EU forces, not vowels. (2012)

EU Business Bosnia's Muslims and Croats against end of Brcko supervision. (2012)

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe OSCE welcomes Brcko District’s legislative amendments on human trafficking, encourages entities to follow suit. (2013)

UNDP Consultations on Truth-Telling and Memorialisation in the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (2013)

Social Science Research Network Post-Conflict Territories and Citizenship: The Case of Bosnia's Brcko District. (2014)

Srpska Times A step closer to realization of the project highway Brcko -Bijeljina. (2014)

The Guardian Welcome to Brcko, Europe’s only free city and a law unto itself. (2014)




Justice Report Courts: Elementary Court of Brcko District.

Washington Post Neutrality Is Ordered In Key Area Of Bosnia. (1999)

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