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WikiTravel Dagestan.

Travel Images Dagestan..

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection Dagestan maps.




You Tube Dagestan.

Pravda.ru Outbreak of plague reported in Russia's Dagestan. (2013)

New York Times Dagestan: A Leader in Education Tourism. (2014)




Channel 4 News World's highest paid footballer joins Dagestan 'Galacticos'. (2011)

New York Times Lured by Oligarch’s Cash, Soccer Star Enlivens Dagestan. (2011)

The Independent Billionaire bets on boys from Brazil to win peace in Dagestan. (2011)

Inside the Games Zhukov gives backing to Dagestan 2018 Youth Olympics bid. (2011)

Russia Today Foreign wrestlers flock to Dagestan ahead of London 2012. (2012)

Pro Soccer Talk Soccer politics: Anzhi Makhachkala and the dangers of Dagestan. (2013)




World Airline News Dagestan Airlines is grounded. (2011)

Fresh Plaza Russia: Dagestan becomes leader in raisin production. (2013)

Bloomberg Dagestan Billionaire Ensnared by Putin-Medvedev Rivalry. (2013)




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Ethnologue Avar Language.

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Wikipedia Head of the Republic of Dagestan.

Vestnik Kavkaza Ramazan Abdulatipov: a year in Dagestan. (2014)




Wikipedia: Dagestan Free encyclopedia information about the Republic of Dagestan.

Wikipedia: Makhachkala Free encyclopedia information about the Republic of Dagestan's capital city of Makhachkala.

Wikipedia: Derbent Free encyclopedia information about the Republic of Dagestan's city of Derbent.

Turanian Lands. Turanian People Dagestan.

BBC News: Country Profiles Dagestan.

Caucasian Knot Dagestan.

Wikipedia: War of Dagestan 1999

The Other Russia Dagestan News.

Lucian Kim Articles Dagestan.

Christian Science Monitor Russia sees global jihad on southern flank. (2005)

Reuters Money dispute kills 9 in Russia's Dagestan region. (2007)

CBC News Second journalist from Russia's Dagestan region murdered. (2008)

Committee to Protect Journalists Independent weekly editor charged with extremism in Dagestan. (2008)

Committee to Protect Journalists Persecution of Dagestan weekly continues. (2008)

Reuters Gunmen kill a police chief in Russia's Dagestan. (2008)

The Korea Times 44 Missionioners' Trip to Dagestan Alarms Seoul. (2009)

Human Rights Watch Dagestan: curse of the sixth department. (2009)

Human Rights Watch A 'Wahhabi' village. (2009)

Committee to Protect Journalists Dagestan authorities try to close independent weekly. (2009)

Human Rights Watch Russia: Investigate Dagestan Arson Attack. (2009)

Al Jazeera Police killed in Dagestan attack. (2010)

New York Times Political Uncertainty Grips a Russian Republic. (2010)

New York Times In Dagestan, Laugh Track Echoes Across Mountains. (2010)

The Guardian Dagestan: My daughter the terrorist. (2010)

CBC News Christian bishop slain in Dagestan. (2010)

Wordpress Pastor Artur Suleimanov Killed in Dagestan. (2010)

Sina Five militants killed in Russia's Dagestan. (2010)

Spiegal Online Islamists Gain Upper Hand in Russian Republic. (2010)

PR Web Current Violence in Russian Province of Dagestan Foreseen in New Espionage/Thriller Novel. (2011)

Ref World Eight Policemen Killed in Rebel Attacks in Dagestan. (2011)

Fox News Helicopter Kills 2 Suspected Rebels in Dagestan. (2011)

Voice of America News Three Gunmen, Policeman Killed in Dagestan. (2011)

Washington Post In Russia’s Dagestan, Salafi Muslims clash with government authorities. (2011)

Al Jazeera Russia's Dagestan rocked by triple blasts. (2011)

Al Jazeera Security official killed in Russia's Dagestan. (2011)

New York Times Russia: Official Killed in Dagestan. (2011)

The Daily Beast Terror at the Beach: Radicals in Russia have been bombing bikini-clad women to enforce Islamic dress codes. (2011)

The Independent Dagestan: Russia's Islamic enemy within. (2011)

Voice of America News Respected Religious Leader Killed in Dagestan. (2011)

The Guardian Why Dagestan's FC Anzhi Makhachkala is seen as a cure for all ills. (2011)

BBC News Dagestan - the most dangerous place in Europe. (2011)

Reuters Newspaper founder killed in Russia's Dagestan. (2011)

Human Rights Watch Russia: Investigate Murder of Dagestan Publisher. (2011)

Amnesty International Russia must act to protect journalists in Dagestan. (2011)

The Guardian Newspaper chief's murder in Dagestan adds to toll of Russian journalists. (2011)

Army Recognition Russia has sent military troops into the southern region of Dagestan to combat terrorism. (2012)

Jamestown Foundation Russia Launches Massive Military Redeployment to Dagestan. (2012)

Reuters Twin bomb attacks kill 12 in Russia's Dagestan. (2012)

Jamestown Foundation Dagestan’s President Promises a Decisive Crackdown on the Insurgency. (2012)

The Star Dagestan bomb blasts kill 13, leave scores wounded. (2012)

UPI.com Militant leader, others killed in Dagestan. (2012)

Pulitzer Center Russia: Putin's Secret War. (2012)

Pulitzer Center Russia: Dagestan Muslims Protest Putin's Secret War. (2012)

The National Post The Canadian who converted to jihad: Boxer turned militant killed in Dagestan. (2012)

Human Rights Watch Russia: Strictly Respect Rights in Dagestan Killing Inquiry. (2012)

Russia Today Seven people killed in Dagestan flooding. (2012)

Jamestown Foundation Violence in Dagestan Accelerated in 2012. (2013)

Russia Beyond the Headlines Sizing up Dagestan’s newly appointed leader. (2013)

New York Times Russia: Violence in Dagestan. (2013)

Dawn Suicide attack kills three police officers in Dagestan. (2013)

Washington Post 9 questions about Chechnya and Dagestan you were too embarrassed to ask. (2013)

The Guardian In Dagestan, family and neighbours of Boston suspects describe shock. (2013)

The New York Times Search for Home Led Suspect to Land Marred by Strife. (2013)

Time The Boston-Bomber Trail: Fresh Clues in Rural Dagestan. (2013)

Reuters Dagestan bomb kill four, two dead in shootout near Moscow. (2013)

Voice of America Dagestan: Russia’s Wild But Beguiling Southern Frontier. (2013)

The Guardian Suicide bomb widow injures 12 in Dagestan attack. (2013)

Russia Beyond the Headlines Dagestan: A political facelift, or new rules of the game? (2013)

The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst What Does Amirov's Arrest Imply for Dagestan? (2013)

Reuters Journalist shot dead in Russia's Dagestan province. (2013)

Russia Beyond the Headlines Tighter crackdown in Dagestan fuels local misery. (2013)

The Nation Muslim cleric killed in Russia's Dagestan. (2013)

World Socialist Website Violence escalates in Dagestan amid incipient Islamist insurgency. (2013)

Reuters Senior judge killed in Russia's Dagestan province. (2013)

Christian Science Monitor Russia identifies suicide bomber as woman from Dagestan. (2013)

Pravda.ru Dagestan Vice Prime Minister killed in large car accident in Moscow. (2013)

Gatestone Institute Dagestan: New Epicenter of Muslim Terrorism in Russia. (2013)

CNN Russian forces hunt Dagestan militants, 'black widows". (2014)

Russia Today Security forces lauch three antiterrorist operations in Dagestan, prominent militant leader killed. (2014)

EA WorldView Russia: Caucasus Emirate's Vilayat Dagestan Warn of More Suicide Bombings Unless Moscow Ends Operations In Caucasus. (2014)

ITV Dagestan: A breeding ground of Islamist militants who vow to target the Sochi Olympic Games. (2014)

Open Democracy Dagestan: Russia's hottest spot. (2014)

Jamestown Foundation Police Violence in Dagestan Continues as Republic Drifts Toward Collapse From Within. (2014)

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