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Travel Images Gagauzia.

The Family Without Borders Visiting Gagauzia.

Harry's Trails Around the World Comrat, Gagauzia. Moldova.

Soviet Tours (Based in Berlin) Transnistria, Gagauzia, and Moldova.

You Tube 100km by foot in Moldova, Gagauzia. (2013)



Wikipedia: Gagauzia People

Wikipedia: History of Gagauzia

Ethnologue Gagauz Language. Gagauz.

Russia the Great The Gagauz. Gagauzia: The Orthodox Christian Turkish Nation - A talk with Archpriest Dimitry Kioroglo.

Kyiv Post Sports complex stalls in Moldova’s Gagauzia amid shady deals. (2014)

Deeper History Blog Comrat, the capital of Gagauzia. (2014)

Yen A Journey through Gagauzia. (2016)

National Geographic A Struggle for Identity in a Forgotten Corner of Europe. (2017)




You Tube Gagauzia.

Trek Earth Gagauzia pictures.

Big Think Gagauzia: A Country. That's Just 3 Towns in Size? (2017)




Gagauzia Government Elections for the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia. (2008)




Wikipedia: Gagauzia Free encyclopedia information about Gagauzia.

Turanian Lands. Turanian People Gagauzia.

Blog: Dispatch Gagauzia

University of Pennsylvania - Harold F. Schiffman Thoughts about Moldova Tolerance Workshop. (2001)

BlogSpot-Democracy Rising Moldova: 'Cuba of Europe' to Democratic Beacon? (2005)

Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms Gagauzia in search for financial autonomy. (2006)

Radio Free Europe Moldova: The Example Of Gagauz-Yeri As An 'Unfrozen Conflict' Region. (2007)

Democracy Are regional parties really necessary? (2008)

The Velvet Rocket The Gagauzia Region Of Moldova. (2011)

Moldova AZI Tiraspol will not accept form of self-determination that Gagauzia selected in 1994. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Moldovan Leader Spreads Blame For Language Tensions In Gagauzia. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Moldova's Gagauz Region Struggles To Find Common Language With Chisinau. (2011)

Adept Talks on improvement of election laws and procedures in Gagauz ATU. (2011)

Aandrey Formuzal: “History of Romania will not be studied in Gagauzia. (2012)

Window On Eurasia Window on Eurasia: Moscow behind New Gagauz Independence Drive, Chisinau Says. (2013)

Black Sea News Gagauzia Popular Assembly demands quota in Moldovan Parliament. (2013)

Strange History Forgotten Kingdoms: The Gagauz and Identity Problems. (2013)

Radio Free Europe Gagauzia Plans To Hold Referendum On Moldova. (2013)

Radio Free Europe Gagauzia Voters Reject Closer EU Ties For Moldova. (2014)

Jamestown Foundation The Gagauz Referendum in Moldova: A Russian Political Weapon? (2014)

Marten's Centre for European Studies Gagauzia: A new attack on the Eastern Partnership? (2014)

Matisak's Blog Gagauzia: A problem for the EU ambitions of Moldova? (2014)

New Europe Gagauzia: the Golden Apple of Discord between East and West! (2014)

OSW Gagauzia: growing separatism in Moldova? (2014)

DW Moldova's Gagauz region leans toward Moscow. (2014)

Reuters After Crimea, Moldova too fears "unwanted" events on road to EU. (2014)

Teleradio Moldova Gagauzia wants local police checkpoints at region’s border. (2014)

Sputnik News Moldovan Region Gagauzia Asks Russia to Open Consulate. (2014)

Voltaire Net Pridnestrovie and Gagauzia in the Context of Ukraine. (2014)

Al Jaazeera Moldova: EU integration or Mother Russia? (2014)

Al-Monitor Could Moldova's Gagauzia repeat Crimea scenario? (2014)

Jamestown Foundation Moldova’s Gagauzia: A Model for Resolution of Karabakh Dispute? (2014)

DW Gagauzia: A new stumbling block for Moldova. (2015) March 23

Al Jazeera Is Gagauzia next on Russia's list? (2015) May 20

CIPE Development Blog Gagauzia: Another Obstacle on Moldova’s Path to Europe? (2016) Feb 4

International Business Times How Gagauzia, a tiny corner of Moldova, became the front line in Erdogan and Putin's war for influence. (2016) Aug 10

Foreign Policy Research Institute Gagauzia: A Bone in the Throat. (2016) Sept 16

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