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WikiTravel Kalmykia.

Russiatrek Kalmykia Republic.

Hidden Europe Report from Kalmykia. (2011)




Wikipedia: Kalymk People Free encyclopedia information about the Kalmyks.

Wikipedia Buddhism in Kalmykia.

Wikipedia Music of Kalmykia.

Kalymk State University

The New York Times Chess Blog About Kalmykia, Home of the Candidates Matches. (2007)

Chess Base Bowling in Kalmykia: Chess players unwind in Elista. (2009)

Russia Beyond the Headlines A wondrous Buddhist tradition resurrected in Kalmykia. (2011)

Endangered Languages Fieldwork - Kalmykia. (2012)

Russia Beyond the Headlines Chess City faces hard times. (2013)

Academic.edu Y-chromosome diversity in the Kalmyks at the ethnical and tribal levels. (2013)




You Tube Kalmykia.

Russian Life Kalmykia.

Digital Journal Lights over Kalmykia, Russia; president to write book on UFO. (2010)

Before It's News Kalmykia president says he met with extraterrestrials aboard spaceship. (2014)

Shuker Nature An Explosive Enigma from Kalmykia - The "Other" Mongolian Death Worm? (2014)




International Labour Organization Entrepreneurship Programme Launched in Kalmykia, Russian Federation.

Marchmont Kalmykia gets $840m wind energy project. (2011)

PIG Progress African Swine Fever in Kalmykia – third wave expected. (2012)




Wikipedia: Aleksey Orlov President of Kalmykia.




Wikipedia: Kalmykia Free encyclopedia information about the Republic of Kalmykia.

Wikipedia: Elista Free encyclopedia information about the Capital City of Elista.

BBC News: Country Profiles Kalmykia.

Caucasian Knot Kalmykia News.

Turanian Lands. Turanian People Kalmykia.

MetaFilter Community Weblog Kalmykia and Takla Makan migrations. (2002)

Gulf News Analysis: Saddam could be hiding in Kalmykia. (2003)

The New York Times Where Chess Is King and the People Are the Pawns. (2004)

Los Angeles Times Kalmykia, Russia's Buddhist Outpost in Europe, Toes the Kremlin Line. (2004)

New Civilization News I Will Ride To Kalmykia. (2006)

Phayul Dalai Lama receives the White Lotus Order-the highest civilian honour of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia. (2006)

The Buddhist Channel Peace and Harmony in Kalmykia. (2007)

Russia Info Centre Shaolin Monastery and Ushu Palace to be Built in Kalmykia. (2007)

Phayul Saga Dawa celebrations in the Russian Buddhist region of Kalmykia. (2007)

Russia Today Wolves cause serious damage to flocks in Kalmykia. (2007)

Phayul Dutch Tibet Supporter receives warm welcome in Kalmykia. (2008)

Interfax Kalmykia Lama asks foreign ministry to issue entry visa to Dalai Lama. (2009)

Buddist Channel Russian Buddhists seek Putin's support for Dalai Lama visit. (2009)

Page F30 Kalmykia: too weird and unique to remain unknown. (2009)

DMC-TV Kalmykia…The Only Buddhist Republic in Europe. (2010)

Sputnik News Russia's Kalmykia to build town for Vietnamese immigrants. (2010)

New York Times Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Steps Down as President of Kalmykia. (2010)

Radio Free Europe Eccentric President Of Kalmykia To Step Down After 17 Years. (2010)

The Daily Beast Gaddafi’s Wacky Russian Soulmate. (2011)

Russia Beyond the Headlines A wondrous Buddhist tradition resurrected in Kalmykia. (2011)

Phayul Russia ‘working on’ the Dalai Lama’s visit, says Putin. (2012)

Before It's News Former President Claims ET Meeting On Spaceship, Video. (2012)

GPB News West's Allure Dulls Monkhood's Luster For Some Buddhists. (2013)

Window on Eurasia If Kalmykia Becomes a ‘Parliamentary Republic,’ Might Other Federal Subjects Follow? (2013)

Pravda Meeting on housing improvement in Elista, Kalmykia. (2013)

Wilson Center Competing Interpretations of Buddhism’s Revival in the Republic of Kalmykia. (2013)

Open Democracy Kalmykia’s long goodbye. (2016)

The Diplomat Russia's Buddhist Republic. (2017)

Radio Free Europe Kalmyks In Russia Mark 74th Anniversary Of Mass Deportation. (2017)

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