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Wikipedia: Khakassia Free encyclopedia information about the Republic of Khakassia.

Wikipedia: Abakan Free encyclopedia information about the Capital City of Abakan.

Turanian Lands. Turanian Peoples Khakassia.

The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire Tha Khakass.

The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire The Shors.

New York Times Siberian Dam Generates Political Wrangle Over Power. (2004)

Sputnik News One dead, one rescued in avalanche in Siberia. (2009)

Wikipedia Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro accident. (2009)

Sputnik News Pictures of Vladimir Putin in Khakassia. (2010)

Earthquake Report Unusual strong earthquake in Khakassia, Russia. (2011)

Reuters Putin frolics with snow leopard. (2011)

Andhra News Putin embroiled in animal cruelty row. (2011)

UPI Crocodile caught in Siberian lake. (2011)

NTI Russia: Charges Brought Against Strontium-90 Smuggler Arrested in March 2011 Sting in Khakassia. (2012)

President of Russia Meeting with Acting Head of the Republic of Khakassia Viktor Zimin. (2013)

Wetland Link International Khakassia is under threat from wildfire. (2014)

President of Russia Vladimir Putin made a working trip to Khakassia. (2013)

News About Everything In Khakassia one more month of starving miners set a date for the self-immolation. (2013)

President of Russia Meeting on relief efforts following floods in Altai, Khakassia and Tyva. (2014)



WikiTravel Khakassia.

Lonely Planet Introducing Khakassia Republic & Southern Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The Trans-Siberian Railway Khakassia photographs.

Travels of Rainer Stalvik from Sweden Siberia.

Albis Photo-Gallery City of Abakan pictures.

Albis Photo-Gallery Khakassia Kurgane - Valley of the Death pictures.

Albis Photo-Gallery Minusinsk pictures. Tourists disappear in Pandora's Box in Siberia. (2012)

56th Parallel Khakassia – Mecca of Archaeological Discovery in Siberia. (2013)

Calvert Journal Steppe change: Can culture make remote Khakassia a global player? (2013)



Reuters RUSAL to start Khakassia aluminium plant on Dec 15. (2006)

Interfax Rusal, RusHydro draft 10-year electricity contracts for Khakassia. (2011)

Russia Travel Blog Priiskoviy – the semi abandoned village of miners. (2011)

Thunder Jet Boats Blog US-Based Thunder Jet shipping to Khakassia. (2012)

English-Russia Photos of a derelict factory. (2012)

Horti Daily Russia: Legal actions against Chinese greenhouses in Khakassia. (2013)

Reuters Fitch Affirms Russia's Republic of Khakassia at 'BB'; Outlook Stable. (2014)

ENT Group KVSU to Develop Beiskoye Coal Deposit in Khakassia, Siberia. (2014)




Shamans, Stories and Music An exploration of Siberian sacred traditions and their links to storytelling and music in the West.

Albis Photo-Gallery Susenskoe Khakassia - Open Air Museum.

Wikipedia: Khakas People

Ethnologue Khakas Language.

Wikipedia Khakas Language.

Wikipedia Shor Language.

Ethnologue Shor Language.

Kunst Kamera Signing of Cultural Cooperation Agreement with the Republic of Khakassia and the opening of the exhibition "Eurasia: space of time and life". (2014)




You Tube Khakassia.

Socks for Siberia An American Non-Profit Organization to benefit children who live in the orphanages in the region of Khakassia, Siberia.

Hard Rain Project Feeding the birds in Khakassia.

Big Foot Encounters Khakassia. (2012)

UFO Sightings HotSpot Stunning Flying Saucer Caught Over Khakassia. (2013)

Before It's News UFO Over Republic Of Khakassia Stirs The Locals. (2013)

Russia Today Khakassia – where Siberian apricots grow. (2014)



Russian Reality The head of Khakassia dismissed the government in order to avoid rocking the boat. (2017)

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