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Puntland State University Located in Garoowe, Puntland.

BBC News Puntland university seeks peace dividend. (2003)

Pan African News Wire Puntland President Addresses 200 University Students. (2012)




Wikitravel Puntland.




Wikipedia: List of Presidents of Puntland

Puntland Ministry of Health

Puntland Hospital Located in the City of Bosaso.

Horseed Media Ethiopia opens consulate in Puntland. (2010)

Al Jazeera Puntland shuns Somali government. (2011)

Wikipedia Puntland presidential election, 2014. (2014)



Puntland Development Research Centre

Sun Fire Cooking To help reduce the devastating cutting of trees for fuel, Sun Fire Cooking mobilizes people in Somalia and east Africa to switch from charcoal to solar for cooking.

Wikipedia Oil exploration in Puntland.

Africa Oil Corporation Canadian oil and gas company active in Puntland.

Hiran Online Puntland: The Land of Opportunity. (2008)

Oil and Gas News Horn Petroleum to Commence Drilling Program in Puntland. (2011)

BBC News Somalia oil exploration: Drilling begins in Puntland. (2012)

Horseed Media Somalia: Drilling for black gold (Oil) is under progress in Puntland. (2012)

#Somalia Puntland Oil: All-Ittixad business Cartels Strategic Project. (2012)

Hiiran Online Benefits - and risks - of Puntland oil. (2012)

CBC News Canadian program funds training for Somalis. (2012)

Somalia Online Horn Petroleum will resume oil exploration activities in Puntland, some time in the first quarter of 2014. (2013)




You Tube Puntland.

Puntland Non-State Actors’ Association

Puntland Diaspora Forums




Wikipedia: Puntland Free encyclopedia information about Puntland.

Wikipedia: Bosaso Free encyclopedia information about City of Bosaso.

BBC News: Country Profiles Puntland.

Puntland Post

Samotalis Opposition news

Facebook Puntland diaspora.

Wikipedia Somaliland-Puntland dispute.

Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ seeks to end harrassment in Puntland. (2005)

Committee to Protect Journalists Puntland editor jailed after resuming publication. (2005)

Relief Web Somalia: Puntland fact sheet. (2007)

Committee to Protect Journalists In Puntland, radio contributor shot during army raid. (2007)

Committee to Protect Journalists Puntland newspaper damaged in arson attack. (2007)

IRIN Livelihoods in jeopardy after poor rainfall. (2007)

Ogaden Human Rights Committee Puntland: Perscutes and repatriates refugees from the Ogaden. (2008)

Global Security Rebels Accuse Puntland Government of Returning Ethiopians to Face Torture. (2008)

Committee to Protect Journalists Four journalists kidnapped in Puntland. (2008)

Hiiraan Online Disaster warning as drought worsens in Puntland. (2009)

Panbazuka News Somalia: Freelance Reporter sentenced to three years in Puntland. (2009)

IRIN Puntland drought getting worse. (2009)

Committee to Protect Journalists Journalist beaten in Puntland courtroom. (2009)

Hiiraan Online Somalia: The trouble with Puntland. (2009)

Reuters Pakistani preachers shot dead in Somalia's Puntland. (2009)

Committee to Protect Journalists Government suspends VOA service in Puntland. (2009)

Twin Cities Daily Planet Puntland delegation visits Minnesota diaspora. (2009)

Hiiraan Online Is Puntland sabotaging and blackmailing Sheikh Sheriff Government? (2009)

Committee to Protect Journalists Press under fire in Puntland, CPJ tells leader. (2010)

Global Security Fears Increase over Insurgents in Somalia Threatening Puntland. (2010)

Hiiraan Online What is going Puntland? (2010)

Hiiraan Online Puntland Guards Beat Journalist inside Courtroom. (2010)\

BBC News Somaliland jails Russians over weapons for Puntland. (2010)

Hiiraan Online Puntland breaks with Somali government. (2011)

Global Security Renewed Mandate in Doubt as Puntland Breaks Away From Somali Government. (2011)

Hiiraan Online Puntland bans Somali govt officials from territory. (2011)

Hiraan Online Puntland breaks with Somali government. (2011)

Laska News Puntland (Somali region) defies fed gov’t over Saracen deal. (2011)

Foreign Policy in Focus Puntland Splits. (2011)

Free Voice of Somalia An Agreement Jointly Signed by Puntland and Galmudug. (2011)

Somali Swiss Somaliland, Puntland clash in northern Somalia. (2011)

Boston.com Somalia's Puntland suspends security contractors. (2011)

Horseed Media UK, Norway Delegations Visit Puntland. (2011)

News Blaze Surging Atrocities Erupt in Puntland. (2011)

Reuters At least 27 Somalis killed in Puntland fighting. (2011)

Committee to Protect Journalists Puntland radio station hit by grenade attack. (2011)

The Guardian Puntland radio station bombed. (2011)

New York Times 3 Aid Workers Kidnapped in Somalia. (2011)

Committee to Protect Journalists Invoking security, Puntland bans two TV stations. (2011)

Al Jaazeera Puntland: In search of black gold. (2012)

Reuters Al Shabaab says extends reach into Somalia's Puntland. (2012)

Committee to Protect Journalists Puntland radio station closed, director held. (2012)

There Are No Glasses Web Blog In Puntland. (2012)

Committee to Protect Journalists Gunmen kill Somali journalist in Puntland. (2012)

Hiiran Online Puntland and Galmudug Withdraw Participation at Istanbul Conference II on Somalia. (2012)

Horseed Media Somalia: Puntland Govt Seizes Explosives, Weapons Smuggled from Yemen. (2012)

Committee to Protect Journalists Puntland authorities close down radio and website. (2012)

Global Security.org Insecurity in Puntland Underscores Somali Militants' Staying-Power. (2012)

Hiiraan Online Puntland Court Sentences Al Shabaab Chief Godane and 11 Others to Death. (2013)

Allgedo Online Prime Minister calls on Puntland to be a role model for the new Somalia. (2013)

Committee to Protect Journalists Puntland authorities ban three radio stations. (2013)

All Africa Somalia: Citing Currency Crisis, Puntland to Pay Govt Salaries in U.S. Dollars. (2013)

Pan Africa Newswire Puntland Regrets Not Receiving Official Invitation to London Conference on Somalia. (2013)

Horseed Media Puntland soldiers revolt over unpaid wages and demonstrations in major towns. (2013)

FSNAU Remittances and Livelihoods Support in Puntland and Somaliland Study Report. (2013)

Defend Defenders Investigate Killing of Puntland Human Rights Defender. (2013)

Fox News Somalia's Puntland cuts ties with central government. (2013)

BBC News Somalia's cyclone-hit Puntland declared a disaster area. (2013)

Al Jaazeera Deadly cyclone ravages Somalia's Puntland. (2013)

Reuters Storm death toll rises to 140 in Somalia's Puntland. (2013)

The Long War Journal Shabaab Strikes in Puntland. (2013)

Al Jaazeera Bitter Splits Ahead of Puntland Election. (2013)

International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC delivers aid to Puntland cyclone victims. (2013)

Al Jaazeera Somalia's Puntland picks a new president. (2014)

Reuters New president of Somalia's Puntland vows to fight insecurity. (2014)

UN News Centre Somalia: marking one year in Puntland, UN pledges state-building support. (2014)

Garowe Online Somalia: UN report accuses Puntland’s President of weak anti-terrorism policy, piracy links. (2014)



You Tube Somali Pirates.

Wikipedia Piracy in Somalia.

CNN Somali Forces free pirate hostages. (2008)

Cleveland News New U.S.-led naval force to fight Somali pirates. (2009)

Sudan Tribune UN chief says concerned by complicity between Somlia pirates and Puntland. (2009)

Washington Times Editorial: Pirates of Puntland. (2009)

Hiiraan Online Puntland seeks cash for anti-piracy task force. (2009)

RFI Puntland authorities accuse three ships of illegal activities. (2009)

Al Jazeera The Pirate Kings of Puntland. (2009)

New York Times Heroes in a Land of Pirates. (2010)

Oil Price.com Piracy In The Puntland Region of Somalia. (2010)

Commentary Magazine It’s Time to Bomb the Puntland Pirates. (2011)

News 24 Somali pirates quit one Puntland base. (2011)

Fox News World Somalia's Puntland suspends security contractors. (2011)

The SAIS Review of International Affairs Somali Autonomy and the Failure of the Puntland Maritime Police Force. (2013)

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