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Wikipedia: Islamic Emirate of Waziristan Free encyclopedia information about Waziristan.

Online Encyclopedia Waziristan.

Wikipedia War in North-West Pakistan.

Federally Administered Tribal Areas Assessment 2014.

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Appeal for North Waziristan

Support Imran Khan




You Tube Waziristan.

Wounds of Waziristan Blog and film.

Defense Journal Defense Notes: South Waziristan Scouts Chevrolet Lorry. (1999)




BBC News Waziristan: Bin Laden's hiding place? (2004)

Asia Times Unlearned lessons from Waziristan. (2004)

Threats Watch The Waziristan problem. (2006)

BBC News The Taliban stronghold of Waziristan. (2006)

Asia Times Online It's showdown time in Pakistan. (2006)

Peace Corps Online Taliban grabs hold in Pakistan. (2006)

Rediff News Pakistan army failed to rein in Islamic radicals. (2006)

Council of Foreign Relations NATO and the Afghan-Pakistani border. (2006)

The Long War Journal Talibanistan: The establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan. (2006)

Threats Watch Pakistan's new 'hands-Off' agreement with al-Qaeda. (2006)

Christian Science Monitor In border zone, Pakistan backs off from Taliban. (2006)

Christian Science Monitor Killing scares media away from Waziristan. (2006)

Never yet melted Why Pakistan surrendered in Waziristan. (2006)

Threats Watch Taliban Cancels Second Pakistani Truce Deal. (2007)

Radio Free Europe Waziristan Elders Drop Out of Pakistani-Afghan Assembly. (2007)

Rediff Taliban captures fort in Waziristan. (2008)

The Globalist Interview: U.S. Covert Action in Waziristan. (2008)

BBC News Why Waziristan matters. (2008)

US News Pakistan's Most Wanted Warlord, Baitullah Mehsud. (2008)

Rediff Taliban commander Mehsud planned Bhutto killing: Pak police. (2008)

Gulf News Road leading into South Waziristan under close watch. (2008)

Web India New peace pact to ensure Pak Army's withdrawal from Mehsud areas in S Waziristan. (2008)

Global Security Suspected US Missile Strikes Pakistan's South Waziristan. (2008)

Anti War News Twin US Drone Strikes Kill 32 in Waziristan. (2008)

Anti War News At Least 12 Killed in US Drone Strike in South Waziristan. (2009)

Common Dreams Thousands Flee Bomb Attacks by US Drones. (2009)

Radio Free Europe News Six Dead As Pakistan Attacks Militants In Waziristan. (2009)

The Long War Journal Taliban attack paramilitary camp in South Waziristan. (2009)

Washington Times Waziristan battle key in fighting Taliban. (2009)

Critical Threats 2009 Waziristan Conflict Map. (2009)

Los Angeles Times Waziristan a tough nut for Pakistani forces. (2009)

The Long War Journal US Predators target the Haqqanis in North Waziristan. (2009)

Veterans Today The South Waziristan Migration. (2009)

Human Rights Watch Pakistan: Get Aid to Civilians Caught in Fighting. (2009)

Economist Waziristan, The Last Frontier. (2009)

Wikipedia Operation Rah-e-Nijat. (2009)

Times of India 20 killed in US drone attack in Waziristan. (2010)

Anti War Latest US Attack Kills Six in North Waziristan: 11th Drone Strike of 2010. (2010)

Fox News Pakistan Army Kills Militants in North Waziristan. (2010)

Anti War US Drone Down in North Waziristan. (2010)

Telegraph.co.uk Pakistan signals North Waziristan offensive this year. (2010)

The Long War Journal US Airstrike Targets Haqqani Network in North Waziristan. (2010)

The Long War Journal Predators pound terrorist camp in North Waziristan. (2010)

Jamestown Foundation Pakistan’s Military Examines its Options in North Waziristan. (2010)

AEI Critical Threats The FATA Conflict after South Waziristan. (2010)

Word Press Army announces victory against militants in Swat, Waziristan. (2010)

Foreign Policy Is North Waziristan next? (2010)

The Long War Journal US strike kills 5 Taliban in North Waziristan. (2010)

Radio Free Europe Pakistani Military Faces Decision On North Waziristan. (2010)

The Global Realm Pakistan torn over North Waziristan. (2010)

Anti War News US Drone Strikes Kill 10 in North Waziristan. (2010)

Jamestown Foundation Floods Wash Out Counterterrorist Operations in North Waziristan. (2010)

Radio Free Europe In Pakistan, Uncertainty Grows Over North Waziristan Operation. (2010)

Web India Karachi shrine bomb attack links 'traced to South Waziristan'. (2010)

Left Foot Forward Are the drone strikes in Waziristan war crimes? (2010)

Washington Times Air strikes by drones effective in Waziristan. (2011)

New York Times Pakistan’s Failure to Hit Militant Sanctuary Has Positive Side for U.S. (2011)

Inteltrends An Extremist Link Between Tajikistan, Waziristan. (2011)

Anti War New US Drone Strikes Kill 15 in Waziristan. (2011)

The Long Journal War US Predators kill 5 in strike in South Waziristan. (2011)

The Long Journal War US Predators miss target in South Waziristan strike. (2011)

The Tribune North Waziristan tribes declare war against US. (2011)

AAJ News US drone attack kills 21 in North Waziristan. (2011)

Anti War US Strike Kills 12 in North Waziristan. (2011)

Daily Outlook Militant Networks in North Waziristan. (2011)

Reuters Pakistan to launch offensive in North Waziristan. (2011)

Reuters Haqqani: From White House guest to staunch U.S. enemy. (2011)

Critical Threats A Dangerous Mix: Militant Groups in North Waziristan. (2011)

Reuters The battle against militancy in South Waziristan. (2011)

Al Jazeera Fighters kill several soldiers in Pakistan. (2011)

American Thinker Before the Surge Troops Leave Afghanistan, Do Waziristan. (2011)

Boston.com Gunmen kill Pakistani Taliban commander. (2011)

The Guardian US drone strikes in Pakistan claiming many civilian victims, says campaigner. (2011)

Bureau of Investigative Journalism The CIA drone strike that rewrote the rules. (2011)

Bureau of Investigative Journalism Drone strikes rise to one every four days. (2011)

Bureau of Investigative Journalism Covert Drone War. (2011)

Bureau of Investigative Journalism ‘Precision is relative’: an interview with Anatol Lieven. (2011)

Disenter “Bugsplat” in Waziristan. (2011)

Pak Soldiers Pakistan Army Wana Commander inspects uplift projects in S Waziristan. (2011)

Tribune City violence: Karachi worse than Waziristan, says Rangers chief. (2011)

Foreign Affairs How the Haqqani Network is Expanding From Waziristan. (2011)

Pakistan Today US might opt for air strikes in Waziristan, warn experts. (2011)

2point6billion Pakistan Assures China Over Waziristan Insurgents. (2011)

Pakistan Today US drone strikes kill 10 in Waziristan. (2011)

The Long War Journal US Predators strike again in North Waziristan. (2011)

Friday Times North Waziristan tribes wary of brutal foreigners. (2011)

Khaleej Times Pakistan warns US against incursion into Waziristan. (2011)

SF Gate U.S. wants Pakistan to force Haqqanis into talks. (2011)

Reprieve Waziristan tribal elders protest CIA drone strikes at grand council in Islamabad. (2011)

The Long War Journal US Predators kill 18 Taliban fighters in South Waziristan. (2011)

News Pakistan Two British Nationals killed in a Drone Strike in North Waziristan. (2011)

Critical Threats Turbulent North Waziristan: Gul Bahadur Threatens to End the Peace. (2011)

Conflict Monitoring Centre Drone Attacks Remained ineffective against Militant Leaders. (2011)

Bureau of Investigative Journalism Record of Pakistan Air Strikes for 2011. (2011)

ABC News Drone strike kills four in Waziristan. (2012)

CNN Taliban to U.S.: End drone strikes in Pakistan, or no more polio vaccines. (2012)

Asia Times Waziri 'oasis' braces for attack. (2012)

Reporters Without Borders Harsh Law Used to Threaten Journalists in South Waziristan. (2012)

The Long War Journal No need for joint North Waziristan operation, says Pakistani military, as it is underway. (2012)

Khaleej Times Attack shows need for Taleban offensive in North Waziristan. (2012)

The Long War Journal US drones strike again in North Waziristan's Shawal Valley. (2012)

The Nation Waziristan march at all costs: Imran. (2012)

Express Tribune Waziristan operation: Tribesmen threaten influx into Afghanistan. (2012)

There are no glasses web blog Another Son of Jalaluddin Haqqani Killed In North Waziristan. (2012)

Radio Free Europe At Least 9 Soldiers Killed In South Waziristan Attack. (2012)

Syria 360 Degrees Al Qaeda Trained Terriorists sent to Syria from Waziristan. (2012)

Globally True North Waziristan Operation Without The Intervention Of United States. (2012)

Uruknet North Waziristan operation: Enough is enough. (2012)

Pakistan Today Waziristan ‘peace march’ will help stop drone strikes: Imran. (2012)

Dawn Bomb kills two soldier, injures 14 in North Waziristan. (2012)

Karachi News U.S. drone strike in N Waziristan kills key Al-Qaeda commanders. (2012)

The Express Tribune South Waziristan peace march: PTI prepares for Oct 6 with high hopes. (2012)

The Nation Foreign media’s entry to Waziristan denied. (2012)

Weasel Zippers No Joke: Code Pink To Protest CIA Drone Airstrikes . . . In South Waziristan…(2012)

Critical Threats Pakistan Security Brief. (2012)

United For Justice's Web Blog PTI’s Waziristan Peace March on 7th October 2012. (2012)

Samay Live Pakistan:Tehrik-e-Taliban not to disrupt Imran's peace march to South Waziristan. (2012)

The News Tribe Three Waziri tribes willing to support PTI South Waziristan rally: Imran. (2012)

Zem TV Press Conference: Imran Khan with Anne Wright (Former US Ambassador) and 8 member US delegation on Waziristan March. (2012)

War is a Crime Life in Waziristan, 2012 “AD”. (2012)

CBC News Pakistan drone attack protest stopped at tribal region. (2012)

Crikey Drone march to Waziristan with Pakistan’s unofficial war victims. (2012)

Dawn N. Waziristan operation put on hold again? (2012)

The Long War Journal US drone strike kills another al Qaeda commander in North Waziristan. (2012)

Bureau of Investigative Journalism Record of Pakistan Air Strikes for 2012. (2012)

Foreign Policy Wayward in Waziristan. (2012)

Reuters Bomb kills 14 Pakistani soldiers in North Waziristan. (2013)

The Long Journal War Pakistani Taliban execute, behead soldiers in South Waziristan. (2013)

The Long Journal War Suicide bomber kills 17 Pakistani troops in North Waziristan. (2013)

The Express Tribune North Waziristan 2013: More than 12 candidates jostle for power in NA-40. (2013)

Global Security Battling militants' ban on polio vaccines in Pakistan's North Waziristan. (2013)

Al Jazeera Waziristan: 'The most dangerous place in the world'. (2013)

AAJ News North Waziristan: Bomb attack on election office. (2013)

Asia Times Doubly deadly drones in Waziristan. (2013)

Dawn Voters in North Waziristan Agency have taken election contestants by surprise by seeking pre-poll approval for acceptance of their demands. (2013)

The Raw Story Pakistani women stopped from voting in Taliban stronghold of Waziristan. (2013)

Dawn Taliban allow women to cast vote in Waziristan. (2013)

For what we are... they will be Pakistan: Communist wins elections in South Waziristan (again) but Pakistan demands new elections. (2013)

Express Tribune A peaceful revolution in South Waziristan. (2013)

Medical Express Second child contracts polio in Pakistan's Waziristan. (2013)

Reporters Without Borders Attacks on media building in Karachi, TV reporter’s home in Waziristan. (2013)

Xinhuanet Pakistan condemns U.S. drone strike in South Waziristan. (2013)

The Hindu Another drone strike in South Waziristan, 7 killed. (2013)

France 24 Policing a fragile peace in South Waziristan. (2013)

Amnesty International USA must be held to account for drone killings in Pakistan. (2013)

Liberty Voice Civilian Collateral Damage in North Waziristan Conflict. (2013)

BBC News 'Heavy fighting' in Pakistan's North Waziristan. (2013)

The Long Journal War Pakistani military, Taliban clash in North Waziristan after suicide attack. (2013)

The Diplomat Pakistan Army Operation in North Waziristan Kills Dozens. (2013)

Anti-War US Drone Kills at Least Four in North Waziristan. (2013)

Info Wars Pakistan condemns North Waziristan drone strike. (2013)

Bureau of Investigative Journalism Disposable nappies and pop music come to South Waziristan as civilians return. (2014)

Wikipedia Operation Zarb-e-Azb. (2014)

BBC News Pakistan army launches 'major offensive' in North Waziristan. (2014)

Al Jaazeera Pakistan continues N Waziristan air raids. (2014)

CNN Fleeing Pakistanis crowd border towns, asking 'why weren't we warned?' (2014)

The Guardian Pakistan military launches ground attack on militants in North Waziristan. (2014)

The New York Times A Long History of Rebellion in the Mountains of Pakistan. (2014)

Voice of America Pakistani Offensive Empties Largest Town in North Waziristan. (2014)

Dawn Over 400 terrorists killed in N Waziristan operation. (2014)

Critical Threats Gauging the Success of Pakistan’s North Waziristan Operation. (2014)

War on the Rocks The Pakistan Army’s Foray into North Waziristan: Get Used to Disappointment. (2014)

The Long Journal War Pakistani military claims 910 'terrorists,' 82 soldiers killed in North Waziristan operation. (2014)

International Business Times Pakistan's North Waziristan Problem: Wagah Blast Casts Doubts Over Army Offensive Against Militancy. (2014)

The New Yorker The drone war in Pakistan. (2014)

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