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Wikipedia Commons Western Kurdistan map.



Western Kurdistan Government In Exile




Wikipedia Rojava.

Wikipedia Rojava conflict.

The Rojava Report News from the revolution in Rojava and wider Kurdistan.

Carnegie Middle East Center Western Kurdistan Unity Agreement. (2012)

Kurdistan Tribune ‘Western Kurdistan could be a model for a free and democratic Syria’, PYD co-president tells London audience. (2013)

Al Arabiya Looking at Rojava from Turkey. (2013)

Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK) Rojava revolution must be expanded to other parts of Kurdistan. (2013)

Jadaliyya The Final Stage: Rojava. (2013)

Reuters Kurdish militants tighten grip on Syria's northeast. (2013)

eKurd Syria Kurds announce transitional autonomous Kurdish government. (2013)

International Business Times Kurdish Communities Lead 'Silent Revolution' in Syrian Rojava Region. (2013)

Jadaliyya Rojava: Life and War in Kurdish Syria. (2013)

Nationalia As Syrian battlefield gets (even more) complicated, Western Kurdistan passes federal-style Constitution. (2014)

Medya Magazine Breaking: Rojava Declares Self Administration. (2014)

RT Syrian Kurds declare autonomy on eve of Geneva 2. (2014)

The Kurdistan Tribune Lift the Blockade on Rojava. (2014)

Rudaw Ocalan Letter Asks Barzani Support in Rojava, Peace Process. (2014)

Rudaw Gorran Backs PYD Autonomy in Rojava. (2014)

NOW Between Kurdistan and Damascus. (2014)

The Red (Team) Analysis Society The Kurds and Rojava, State-Building in the Syrian War. (2014)

Ceasefire Gender and justice in an emerging nation: My impressions of Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan. (2014)

Syria and Turkey Commentary Syria’s Kurds declare ‘Rojavo’, autonomous western Kurdistan. (2014)

Mesop Kurdistan Regional Government Refuses To Recognize Rojava Cantons. (2014)

NSNBC International Western Kurdistan Plans for Syria, Iraq and Turkey are Back on Track. (2014)

Wadi Syrian Christians at ease with Kurdish control of western Kurdistan. (2014)

The Kurdistan Tribune Declare Western Kurdistan, the Rojawa, as a ‘Safe Haven’! (2014)

Global Research The War in Western Kurdistan and Northern Syria: The Role of the US and Turkey in the Battle of Kobani. (2014)

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