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Wikipedia: Sakha Republic Free encyclopedia information about the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Wikipedia: Yakutsk Capital city profile.

Yakutia Organized Yakutia information.

Sputnik News Russia to build world's first sports arena on permafrost. (2009)

Scott Net Russians hunt down rumoured 400-strong wolf pack. (2011)

News Pepper In Russia, burned 300,000 hectares of forest. (2011)

Pravda.ru Unemployment level in Yakutia one of lowest in Russia. (2011)

Pravda.ru Scientists unearth mammoth's live cells in Russia's Yakutia. (2012)

EnglishRussia Winter Begins in Yakutia. (2013)

Time Lightbox Yakutsk: The Coldest City on Earth. (2013)

Radio Free Europe Russian Region Declares State Of Emergency Due To Wolf Attacks. (2013)

EnglishRussia School in Yakutia. (2013)



Visit Yakutia

Russia Info Centre Yakutia – Land of diamonds, frosts and mysteries.

World 66 Yakutia Travel Guide.

Trip Advisor Best things to do in Sakha (Yakutia) Republic.

Yakutia Travel Travel company based in the Capital City of Yakutsk.

Country of Tourism Travel Agency The Yakutia - Pole of Cold.

Red Star Travel (Seattle, USA based): Destination Guide Yakutsk.

Yakutia Airlines

Miiael Strandberg Blog Yakutia, the coldest inhabitied place on earth. (2011)

English Russia Extreme Expedition to Yakutia. (2011)

Centre For Aviation Yakutia expanding international network and fleet as it marks 10th anniversary. (2013)




South Yakutia Development Corporation

Invest Yakutia

Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company Gas producer.

Snow Change Co-operative Member Communities in Yakutia.

Russia IC Large Uranium Deposit to be Developed in Yakutia. (2007)

Rough Polished Development of Alluvial Diamond Deposits in Yakutia. (2008)

Sputnik News Russia to install 4 floating nuclear plants in northeast Siberia. (2009)

Penn Energy Gazprom meeting covers Yakutia gas production center. (2012)

Daily Mail Huge 158.2 carat diamond with an estimated value of more than £1m found in Russia. (2012)

Sputnik News Major Chinese Investment Fund Interested in Russia's Yakutia. (2014)



Wikipedia: Yakuts Historic description of the inhabitants of Yakutia.

Ethnologue Yakut Language.

The Yakuts - A Legendary Horse People The long riders guild.

North-Eastern Federal University Located in Yakutsk.



You Tube Yakutia.

Sputnik News: Photos Yakutia, The Land of Pristine Nature.

Ask Yakutia Hi! My name is Bolot. I am a journalist. Based in Yakutsk. Ask me a question about the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Siberia / Russia, and get the answer.

Yakutia: Valley of Death Article from Astrology on the Web - The Twilight Zone.

Before It's News Scientists Unearth Mammoth’s Live Cells In Russia’s Yakutia. (2012)

Sputnik News Video Scientists Study Mammoth Fur and Bones They Found in a Cave in Yakutia. (2012)

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