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Wikipedia: Tuva Free encyclopedia information about Tuva Republic.

Wikipedia: Kyzyl Free encyclopedia information about Tuva's capital city of Kyzyl.

Turanian Lands. Turanian People Tuva.

School of Russian and Asia Studies Tuva.

Friends of Tuva

Tuva Online Latest news from Tuva.

Phaypul Tuva sets up Parliamentarian Tibet Support Group. (2008)

Azerbaijan International Tuva Republic Presents Moscow with a New Separatist Challenge. (2008)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Tuva: New Scientific Journal Launched. (2009)

UNPR Tuva: Contest To Find ‘Nine Treasures’. (2010)

The Tibet Post Russian Tuva State University Honours His Holiness Dalai Lama of Tibet. (2011)

Pravda.ru Strong earthquake in Siberia excites bloggers. (2011)

The New Research of Tuva Tuvans in China. (2012)

Window on Eurasia Window on Eurasia: Is Tuva a Precedent for Putin’s Handling of the ‘Unrecognized’ States? (2014)

President of Russia Celebrating Tuva’s accession to Russia. (2014)



Wikitravel Tuva.

Hans Rossel Photography Tuva photos.

Sokol Tours Destinations: Kyzyl (Tuva Republic).

Flickr The way to Tannu Tuva - My trip in Russia, 2010. (2010)

Russia Beyond the Headlines We’re off to nowhere: three days in Tuva. (2013)

Trip Advisor Forum Trip planned in Kyzyl, Tuva. (2014)



Digital Journal Tyva: Separated from civilization (Video Documentary).

Lonely Planet Tuva History.

The New Research of Tuva Investigates the history and culture of the Republic of Tuva.

Alash Ensemble The best new-old music from Tuva.

Scientific American The Throat Singers of Tuva. (1999)

Russia IC Huun-Huur-Tu: Music Refracting Sunlight. (2006)

Russia Today Republic of Tyva: Ancient palace reveals secrets. (2007)

The Herald of Randolph Tuvan Throat Singers at Chandler. (2011)

New York Times Kongar-ol Ondar, a Master of a Vocal Art, Dies at 51. (2013)

Redefine Tuva’s Meridian of Musicality, Spirituality, and Cross-Cultural Place: A Primer On Tuvan Throat Singing. (2013)

Russia Beyond the Headlines Planet’s strongest shamans gather in Tuva for landmark festival. (2014)



RF Ministry of Transport Kyzyl-Kuragino line and development of the mineral resources base of the Republic of Tuva. (2006)

Registan Tuva Looks To Mongolia for Investment in a Post-Crimea World. (2014)




You Tube Tuva.

Wikipedia Tuvan State University.





Wikipedia Chairman of the Government of Tuva.

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