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Wikipedia: Udmurt Republic Free encyclopedia information about Udmurtia.

Izhevsk Armoury Capital of Russia!

Wikipedia: Izhevsk Free encyclopedia information about the City of Izhevsk.

Radio Free Europe United Russia Opponents Rally In Izhevsk. (2010)

BBC News Russian finds Kalashnikovs in firewood crates. (2011)

Russia Today Desperate gamekeeper takes his life after killing bear. (2011)

United Press International Heat causing artillery shells to explode. (2011)

All About Russia in English Videos of the explosion of ammunition depots in Udmurtia. (2011)

Sputnik News Russia to double production of ballistic missile systems - Putin. (2011)

Radio Free Europe Russian Opposition Parties Unite In Udmurtia. (2011)

Sputnik News Russian assault rifle parts found in Urals dump. (2012)

Daily Motion Video Report Ammo Depot Inferno: Dozens injured as shells explode at Udmurtia arsenal. (2012)

BBC News 'Killer bride' seized at banquet in Udmurtia, Russia. (2012)

Global Voices Pediatricians Strike in Russian Republic of Udmurtia. (2013)

Sputnik News AK-47 Inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov Dies at Age 94. (2013)

Window on Russia Udmurts Issue Pinup Calendar to Attract Attention to Their Nation’s Problems. (2013)




WikiTravel Udmurtia.




Udmurtia Export Co-ordination center support of export-oriented small and medium enterprises of the Udmurt Republic.

Udmurtia Exhibition Centre Located in Izhevsk.

Izhevsk Plastics Plant Located in Izhevsk.

Russia: Beyond the Headlines The Republic of Udmurtia, the industrial shield of Russia. (2008)

The Truth About Guns Kalashnikov Rifle Maker Goes Belly-Up; AK12 Is a “Bluff”. (2012)

All About Feed Feed mill in Udmurtia near completion. (2013)



Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples Udmurts or Votyaks.

Digital Journal Video: The Buranovo Grannies sing for Russia at Eurovision 2012.

MariUver Udmurt language not obligatory in Udmurtia. (2014)



Udmurtia State University Located in the Capital City of Izhevsk.

Izhevsk State Technical University in Izhevsk.


Travel Images Udmurtia.




Official website of the Udmurt Republic

Official web page of the City of Izhevsk

President of Russia Working meeting with Head of Udmurtia, Alexander Volkov. (2013)

President of Russia Working meeting with Acting Head of Udmurtia, Alexander Volkov. (2014)

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